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Ground Beef Bundle

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Our Steaks and Cupcakes Ground Beef Bundle offers approximately 32 servings. Packaged as a 10.5 pound Ground Beef Box containing 6 lbs. of ground beef and 2.5 lbs. of 1/3 lb. patties and 2 lbs. 1/4 lb. patties, this box is great for stocking up the freezer to have some meat on hand! Throw some of your own special seasonings, cheese and mushrooms in your burgers and other meals to make every meal your own.

Bundle includes:
6lbs. of Ground Beef (1 lb. pkgs.)

2.5 lbs. of 1/3 lb. patties (8 patties)

2 lbs. 1/4 lb. patties (8 patties)

Consists of 93-95% Lean Beef

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