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Farm Fresh Difference

Quality, Natural Beef


In our family, we believe that the best beef comes from comfortable steers, who are raised with pride on our family-run farm. Which means that we tend to their needs daily, providing quality nutrition grown right here on our farm, to provide the best in a specialty grain mixed diet. When our steers get what they need, you get great tasting beef in return! From planting the seed to feeding the feed, we are the ones that take care of it all. That is the farm fresh difference, and why we feel so comfortable eating and selling the beef that we raise to our customers. When you purchase quality, natural beef from Steaks and Cupcakes, you can be assured that your food is hormone and antibiotic free! Not sure what kind of beef you're craving, find the right cut now!

Homemade Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a delicious cupcake? Just like the care we show in our beef, we take the same care and pride in making our cupcakes. All natural cupcakes, fillings and frostings are homemade using real cream, butter, and cream cheese, giving them an irresistible homemade taste! Learn more about our Gourmet Cupcakes!


"We had the best burger the other night....great job!!!... thats how ground beef should taste!"

— Jana H.


"Absolutely the most flavorful and tender ribeyes I've ever had. Time to stock up, foodies!"

— Sue K.

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