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1/2 Side of Beef

Sides of Beef are a great way to load up on beef at an amazing price! ​$800 IS THE DEPOSIT. View for more details!
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Product Details

Hanging Weight:

400# - 550# @ $4.60/#

(Hanging Weight is received when beef is processed)

Processed Beef (Take Home) - 260# - 320# Avg.

Vacuumed Sealed Packages, 1 per/package

2 - 3 Weeks of Dry Aging

Our All Natural Beef is raised right on our small family farm in Ubly, MI! We grow high quality, nutritious crops for the cattle. All our family members feed and take care of the cattle, so we know exactly what goes into them. They are grain fed cattle that are healthy and comfortable, which in turn makes great tasting and tender beef. No Added Antibiotics, growth stimulants or Hormones! Our family eats the beef we sell, so we make sure we are good stewards of the land, make sure our animals are fed well balanced rations and treat them "like we would want to be treated".

Thank You for Supporting Our Small Family Farm!!

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